REMIXING CLASSICS: Autechre – Flutter (Shy remix by Nosnibormada)


We had Autechre’s Flutter this morning as part of the 50/Fifty Coming Up series. Here’s a remix, proving there’s life in the tune, over 15 years after it was released. This version by Nosnibormada (Adam Robinson) takes the tune away from CJA-troubling beats and into an ambient frame of mind. Free download.

Blurb: It’s been a long time since I did a remix, and I’ve only ever done one before. And I’ve wanted to do another one for a while, so here’s something I knocked together for you (yes, I’m talking to you). On another note, I sure as hell hope I’ve done this tune justice as the original is so beautiful to me.
UPDATE: I’ve added another sample to this, to make it just that little bit cooler (20% if my calculations are correct). I wanted to put it in originally but I wasn’t sure if it fit at first, now I’ve done some tweaking and it now should appeal to my fellow Bronies. I’d say that now this tune is a somewhat abstract representation of Fluttershy’s spirit, gentle and peaceful. Samples (obviously) taken from Autechre – Flutter, and MLP FiM episode 1, but I will be very impressed if you spot the other sample that I used 😉 Artwork is not mine (I’m not too good at drawing Ponies), it belongs to I hope he doesn’t mind me using it, and I’m happy to take it down if he asks so.

EXTRA UPDATE: I’ve taken the liberty of remastering this track. I just thought it needed it, since I think the old snare was rather poor and the bass was a bit lacking before. Said problems have been fixed now.

~ by acidted on January 14, 2013.

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