Le Carousel – Lose Your Love (Andrew Weatherall Mix)


Been such a long time since I had something from Weatherall that was new, rather than a classic. But here’s a remix he’s done for DJ Phil Keiran’s new band project Le Carousel.

The original is a bit of sixites pop with a dash of early Velvet Underground and a sprinkling of Spiritualised. This Weatherall remix is a bit more of a chugger. It wheezes and wheeshes at the start like something from Thomas The Tank Engine before getting into a robotic motorik stride with vocals that have a breathy Depeche Mode quality. I was pretty unmoved. Is that wrong of me?

Blurb: Le Carousel is the new band project from acclaimed Belfast DJ/recording artist Phil Kieran. A DJ with an international reputation, Kieran is also renowned for his techno productions on dance labels including Soma, NovaMute and Bugged Out! In the mid-noughties Kieran formed punk/hardcore act Alloy Mental, who released the album ‘We Have Control’ on Skint Records in 2007. He followed this with the amazingly diverse solo electronic album, ‘Shh’, for Sven Vath’s venerated Cocoon label in 2009. For ‘Le Carousel’ Kieran assembled some of Ireland’s finest musicians, writing most of the album while staying in Donegal on the remote west coast. Fittingly ‘Le Carousel’ evokes feelings of half-remembered childhood day-trips and windswept empty beaches. A metaphor for the rotations occurring in everyday life, ‘Le Carousel’ – released on Kieran’s own label PKR – was a labour of love for its creator.  “It all pivots around an idea, a concept, it’s a diary of a part of my life,” says Kieran. “Over a two-year period I decided to really make the best thing I’ve ever made, and maybe will ever make.” Two influential music figures already sold on the new album are music and film soundtrack producer David Holmes, and DJ/Producer Andrew Weatherall, who have both remixed tracks. Weatherall has remixed club single ‘Lose Your Love’, while Holmes has remixed the new single ‘Carousel’.

~ by acidted on January 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “Le Carousel – Lose Your Love (Andrew Weatherall Mix)”

  1. erm, yeah, it’s decent enough and has that early 80’s nu-beat/italo clang to it but it’s nail on the head time in describing it as a chugger. Reminds me of some of the album tracks on the Wrong Meeting LP’s. Hardly essential but interesting mid set material. Did you check his Madness remix?

  2. oooh. that’s waaaaaaaaay better. lovely dubbiness.

  3. […] start with the bad news. The Weatherall remix is not a new one. I reviewed it here back in January when I said it was a bit of a chugger and that ”It wheezes and wheeshes at […]

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