50/Fifty Coming Up: #08 and #07


Another couple of classics for you from Scotland’s Slam and Manchester’s Justin Robertson (as Lionrock).

At #08, it’s Justin Robertson as Lionrock. I know most people would plump for Packet of Peace but I’m going to go with the eponymous single, released in 1992. As for mixes, I’ve gone for the original version. This has that scuzzy vocal, the upliftingness of progressive house and Justin’s signature trumpets.

However, D suggests an alternative mix. She says that it should be the Most Excellent Mix, on the basis that it is “More meaty than the original, again with the bass and, let’s be honest, what’s life without a bit of head thumping bass?” And, you know, she’s right. This is the better mix.

At #07, Scotland’s brilliant Slam. Another invidious set of choices. I’ve discarded Positive Education and In-Ten Cities and gone for their first release Eterna from 1991. This is one of those gently uplifting tracks that could almost be on the Coming Down list as much as on the Coming Up list. I’ve picked it as it was the Slam track for which I had no preconceptions. I had no idea who they were and was overwhelmed by the creative beauty of the track. This is Detroit reinterpreted through the UK. The vocals on Eterna are sampled from Sweet Mercy Featuring Rowetta – Reach Out.

Some have said that this Digweed & Muir version is nearly as good. But they’re wrong


~ by acidted on January 17, 2013.

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