Boerd – Cerebrum


At a time of work-related madness, you sometimes want a break from 4/4 beats. Here’s the lovely new album from Boerd.

You might remember we had the single – Zombies Part I – just before Christmas. Here’s a chance to listen to the whole album. Of Zombies Part 1 I said “The tune is a lovely bit of hardly-thereness, with a little lost vocal from Ellen Arkbro. Fabulously chilled.” Can the rest of the album match up to that? I find album reviews a bit daunting, which is why I do so few. But this album is a beautiful bit of downtempo but always just off-kilter enough to retain your attention. Standout stracks are Zombies Part I and Zombies Part II. Highly recommended.

Grab it in high quality from one of the stores below:
Spotify: (coming soon)

Released by: Comorbid Records
Release date: Jan 15, 2013

~ by acidted on January 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “Boerd – Cerebrum”

  1. […] a while since we had any downtempo sounds from Boerd. Here’s a new EP, which came out a couple of […]

  2. […] from Greek panakeia, from panakēs, all-healing : pan-, pan- + akos, cure.], like 2013’s Cerebrum is a mix of ambient and chilled […]

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