50/Fifty Coming Up: #1 Underworld


And so we reach the half-way point on 50/Fifty and the end of the Coming Up section. At #1, Underworld just get the nod from Orbital. Again, this is all about the live experience.

When I was preparing the series, I said to D that I was uncertain whether to go for Rez, Cowgirl, Born Slippy or Skyscraper. D responded with her usual sangfroid and said “Definitely NOT Born Slippy, puhleeease! Great track from a terrific album from a marvellous time that I don’t want polluted by a later Underworld track that just conjures up grotesque images of sunburned, pink-skinned, beer boys screaming ‘Lager, lager, lager!’ in a Magaluf disco as they stagger round their slopped over beer and vomit and soon-to-be-spilled blood. Am I a sanctimonious musical snob? Yes. Do I care? Do I fuck. Some things are worth preserving.”

But what was her actual suggestion? It was Mmm Skyscraper I Love You. And the live experience is because I first heard this when Underworld played as Underworld Sound System at a park in South London. A beautiful record on a beautiful day.

~ by acidted on January 20, 2013.

One Response to “50/Fifty Coming Up: #1 Underworld”

  1. A great countdown and worthy #1. I had it with me on a tape in New York during the winter of ’93 and it made great sense. Then, in the summer of ’94, I met Darren Emmerson who was DJing at BCM in Magaluf. He came across a bit of a knob but then we’ve all got a lot wiser since….yes, I’ve no idea what I was doing in Magaluf.

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