The Guilt Post

lizard in a glass

Having now completed 50/Fifty Coming Up, I realise with some dismay that there are tracks that should have been included but which I somehow forgot. This post is for some of them.

There should be three tracks in this post. But true to form, I’ve forgotten one of them <sigh> so here’s just two.

How I didn’t include anything by Aphex Twin is a bit of a scandal. Could have had early classic Digeridoo but would probably have plumped for Windowlicker. Car-advertising it might be but it is still an amazing bit of off-kilter techno, sounding like nothing else with the odd chopped oohs and aahs and warped beats and tones.

In a more singalong vein, I should have included Hardfloor’s remix of Mory Kante’s classic Yeke Yeke. Those fab Germans took an already great tune and pumped it full of steroids to leave this dance floor monster, leavened beautifully by the piano refrain and vocals.

~ by acidted on January 20, 2013.

3 Responses to “The Guilt Post”

  1. Um, I might have missed the odd post- but did Weatherall get in other than as a remixer? Or is he in the downer 50?

    Just asking.

  2. You are too funny – I wanna know the tune you forgot…

  3. SA – hadn’t even noticed Wevvers wasn’t there in his own right. Was there twice as remixer.

    djshelf – as soon as I remember, I’ll post.

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