RadioNasty ‘Breakin Bad EP’


D writes: Any musical offering that namechecks the superb US TV series Breaking Bad and which has Heisenberg, the nom de guerre of the main character, as the title of its opening track, deserves a listen.

A collaborative effort from long-established techno aficionado, Billy Nasty and Keith Tenniswood, he of Two Lone Swordsman and Radioactive Man, this is most satisfying stuff. The aforementioned Heisenberg is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of intense techno, crisp as cut glass, saturated throughout with fat, squelchy, acid beats, the periodic crashing of cymbals and discordant synth adding to an already paranoid and moody vibe. Hard but not head banging and eminently danceable. The follow up, I Had To Spank You, continues in the same vein, its crunching, distorted beat nicely underscored by a stuttering acid rhythm and deep, melodic synth (which, for some reason, reminded me of Craigs ‘A Wonderful Life’), all pleasingly funky and very hypnotic. The Ben Sims remixes, Acid and Tough, crank up the acid and beats as their names suggest but, for now, the originals will do just fine.

This is out on 28 Jan. In the meantime, here’s a Billy Nasty DJ mix from last month:

Blurb: The techno imprint Tortured was established in 1997 by Billy Nasty and went on to considerable success and critical acclaim. Now in 2013 the label rises again with the first release from RadioNasty with their ‘Breakin Bad EP’. RadioNasty is the collaborative studio and DJ project of Billy Nasty and Keith Tenniswood, also known for his solo output as Radioactive Man and as one half of Two Lone Swordsmen with Andrew Weatherall. Also included are two remixes from Ben Sims.


~ by acidted on January 21, 2013.

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  1. […] A six track, digital EP from Radio Nasty (Billy Nasty and Keith Tenniswood), out on 28 March. The follow up to their impressive debut, Breakin Bad (reviewed here). […]

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