50/Fifty Coming Down: #48 and #47

london sunrise

Today’s pair are Better Daze and Primal Scream.

At #48 , Better Daze and their cover version of Golden Brown, remixed by Fila Brazillia. This cover version of the classic Stranglers track becomes an essentially acoustic guitar number, with Fila Brazillia providing the lightest of additional sound washes to leave a lie down and be counted classic.

Buy: http://www.ubiquityrecords.com/shop/products/BETTER-DAZE-%252d-REMIX-PROJECT.html

At #47 Primal Scream. There were a number of possible choices here, from Stars (1997) to Movin On Up (1990) to Screamadelica (1992). But, in the end, I’ve gone for Echo Dek, which is a remix album by Adrian Sherwood of 1997’s Vanishing Point. I’ve allowed myself the choice as it was released as a series of 7″ singles (ahem). This is just a brilliant dub album and the track below is a great example. As Reefer Man says on discogs “If ‘Vanishing Point’ was chilled out and laid back, ‘Echo Dek’ is completely stoned out of its box and one toke away from having a whitey on the floor. Fantastic stuff.”

~ by acidted on January 22, 2013.

One Response to “50/Fifty Coming Down: #48 and #47”

  1. Delightful, both of them.

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