50/Fifty Coming Down: #46 and #45

london sunrise3

The Black Dog and Andy Weatherall make an appearance, as do St Etienne. The latter are the surprise here, appearing in both the Coming Up and Coming Down lists.

At #46, The Black Dog. This is a track from Sheffield’s finest before they split into The Black Dog and Plaid. The track is Cost II which appeared in 1993 (the track also appears on the album Temple of Transparent Balls). The track is a bit bleepy, as you’d expect, but is equally dreamy – with lush synth lines.

At #45, St Etienne get their cover of Neil Youngs’ Only Love Can Break Your Heart remixed by Weatherall in his dubby A Mix of Two Halves version.  You know it, so nothing more for me to add. Still a surprise that this remix is from 1990, mind. Such a long time ago.

~ by acidted on January 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “50/Fifty Coming Down: #46 and #45”

  1. ‘The DJ eases a spliff from his lyrical lips and smilingly orders Cease!’ I’ve always been curious as to the origins of this sample and seeing as you did so well on the Access sample recently wondered if you could shed any light on it. Bit surprised this Wevvers classic features this low but it sets an impressive stall out for the rest of Coming Down…

  2. 1990 is ages ago when you think about it. But in my head it sometimes seems fairly recent.

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