John Roman – Revisions010


The final edition of John Roman’s fascinating Revisions series, taking rap and hip hop tunes and converting them into leftfield dance. He says that this one is his favourite of the series. Free download.

First, Missy Elliott has This Is Not A Test converted into an offbeat bit of piano house but with the oddest pinky n perky warped lyrics. Alicia Keys has her smooth Diary of Alicia Keys become some wheezy IDM RnB. A curious pairing and a curious end to what has been an excellent series.

01. “Give U My Life (Part 2)”
A revision of Missy Elliott’s “This Is Not A Test”

02. “Everything U Say”
A revision of Alicia Keys’ “Diary of Alicia Keys”


REVISIONS is a 10-part free EP series by John Roman. Each track in REVISIONS is composed exclusively from sampling a Rap/R&B album from the last 15 years. Every melodic, percussive and atmospheric element in each track is created using its corresponding source album. Listen as Crunk is transformed into UK Garage, Pop-rap is warped to Deep House, and R&B is mutated to Industrial Techno…

Released by: REVISIONS by John Roman
Release/catalogue number: REVISIONS010
Release date: Jan 17, 2013

~ by acidted on January 23, 2013.

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