50/Fifty Coming Down: #44 and #43


This time it’s Madonna (yes, really) and Apollo440 on Coming Down.

At #44 is Madonna and Ray of Light. I was never a big fan of Madonna, not even in her Jellybean Benitez days. But this album, and this single track, did appeal. But much of that is due to William Orbit’s influence and a slightly less than megalomanic, more reflective, set of lyrics. Although the single comes with remixes from Sasha and Victor Calderone, it’s the album version that captures its fragile appeal.

At 43, is Apollo 440 and their brilliant 1994 track Liquid Cool about cryogenics. From the art work sleeve to the slightly detached air to the music, there’s something one step removed from the rest of dance from that period. But, it remains, one of the few tracks from the 90s that I do listen to on a regular basis.

And here’s a more recent remix that I featured about 18 months ago.

~ by acidted on January 24, 2013.

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  1. […] house with Guerilla Records. He’s already appeared in Coming Down through his production for Madonna. But here he is in his own right, with his 1993 classic Water From A Vine Leaf, featuring Beth […]

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