50/Fifty Coming Down: #40 and #39

london snow

Today’s pairing has the UK’s Joi and the USA’s Moby.

At #40 the UK’s Joi. This was brothers Farook Shamsher and Haroon Shamsher (more here). Haroon sadly died in 1999 but Farook has continued the act. The track is 1991’s Spiritual Get Together, which is one of those annoying can’t-work-out-if-it’s-45-or-33 records. It’s 33 by the way. This was much loved by crusty whirl-y-gig types, mixing Indian (Bangladeshi) influences with breaks and beats.

At #39 Moby. I do favour Richard Melville Hall’s post-Play work. Even until releatively recently I’ve been unable to listen to anything from Play. But perhaps a ten year gap is proving sufficient. It really is – advertising over-exposure apart – a great album. The tune that gets onto this list is Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? This has a piano line and melodramatic vocals combining into a wondrous lamenting whole.

But this Subsonic Legacy (Renegdate Soundwave’s Danny Briottet) remix is my favourite, though it ups the tempo.

~ by acidted on January 26, 2013.

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