Carbon Airways – Razor Edge (autoKratz Remix)


autoKratz have a new compilation mix CD out on Bad Life in March. Here’s a track from the Saturday night CD for free download.

This is a remix by autoKratz of French duo Carbon Airways. The track has a choral intro before becoming an electro techno piece. Little elements of early Underworld but with a high-end compressed feel. Probably sounds fine in a club but a bit relentless otherwise.

autoKratz present Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Saturday Night

1. Mason – Peer Pressure
2. Donovans – Thuggno
3. Noob – Freak People
4. The Eleven – The Crow
5. autoKratz vs Blatta & Inesha – Drop
6. Modek – Up With Me (autoKratz Remix)
7. autoKratz vs Blatta & Inesha – Future Samba
8. Sovnger & Angry Wolf – UFO 61
9. Casino Gold – Ricochet
10. Urchins & Sound of Stereo – Awkward Peanuts
11. Swim – Ride (Turbo Turbo Remix)
12. Attaque – Toss Them Bodies
13. Carbon Airways – Razor Edge (autoKratz remix)
14. John Roman – Monitor
15. Attaque – Blinded By The Moonlight (BS1 remix)

Sunday Morning

1. Qtier – Still
2. Whitey – People
3. Petite Noir – Till We Ghosts
4. Shadow Dancer – Brown Sugar
5. David AKZ – Ultralight
6. D/R/U/G/S – Gravity Emerged
7. Pati Yang – Hold Your Horses (autoKratz remix)
8. Swim – Ride

~ by acidted on January 29, 2013.

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