50/Fifty Coming Down: #28 and #27


The ever-so-ambient Irresistible Force and the rather rockier Manic Street Preachers.

At #28, we have Mixmaster Morris in his Irresistible Force guise. He will return later. Frankly, there are loads of tracks you could choose. But I ended up with Nepalese Bliss (1998).  There’s something wonderfully stoned about the track and the slow piano line. I’ve no idea where the samples come from:

Hey kids. Come here a minute. I got a good thing for you. A black tarry hashish with white streaks of opium ash running through it. Something so strong it’s religious. If anyone ever offers you a hit of Nepalese Bliss you’d better turn it down unless you really want to get off.

Here’s the DJ Food mix

And the Amon Tobin Mix

At #27, Manic Street Preachers get remixed by David Holmes on their If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (1998). It’s a song about the Spanish Civil War. Holmes stretches it out to double the original length in a wonderful bit of diffuse indie dance. He makes it relaxed in its tempo but never quite loses the anxiety.

This acoustic version by MSPs ain’t bad:

~ by acidted on February 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “50/Fifty Coming Down: #28 and #27”

  1. […] At #26, we have Washington DC’s Thievery Corporation with their wonderful version of dubbed out lounge music with added Indian influences. I’ve gone for Lebanese Blonde from 1998. This set the template for their subsequent work with the uber cool approach, gentle vocals and sitar/tablas. Even has a drug reference to match Nepalese Bliss. […]

  2. Yeah I really like the Tobin version of the Nepalese Bliss track. And it kills me that I can’t find out what film the dialogue is sampled from.

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