50/Fifty Coming down: #20 and #19


Over half way through this 50, we have William Orbit and The Grid.

At #20, William Orbit, a major force in early 90s progressive house with Guerilla Records. He’s already appeared in Coming Down through his production for Madonna. But here he is in his own right, with his 1993 classic Water From A Vine Leaf, featuring Beth Orton on vocals – I hadn’t realised before that they had been an item.

This downtempo tune still manages to have a dance beat despite the enveloping water of the tune. In places it’s almost techno. The vocals from Beth add an extra dimension both in delivery and content, like a new Coleridge.

Here’s a Cliff Child remix

And the original


And I find myself suddenly waking up
And there are four young girls
Giving me water from a vine leaf
Just dropping it onto my tongue

At #19, The Grid with their classic ambient track Floatation, given an extra dimension by the godlike Wevvers. Just love the relaxation tape samples and the sonar pings. I’ve gone for the Sonic Swing mix as that includes a bit of Stone Roses at the end of for added marvellousness.

~ by acidted on February 5, 2013.

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