Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)


Dead Can Dance are one of those 4AD bands that have seemingly been around for ever. Never really impacted on me, despite the Lisa Gerrard bit from Gladiator. But this dubstep remix by ENiGMA Dubz anchors the world music vocals in some proper bass. Free download.

I said I thought that DCD had been around forever. I was right. August 1981. This is a dubstep remix of 1993 track The Host of Seraphim. No idea what the lyrics are, as they wail and moan about in the background. But the remix is spot on with lots of bass and plenty of dub.

Blurb: Out to all the supporters and fans, this ones to celebrate 10,000 Facebook likes, can’t thank you guys enough! The vocals on this are by Lisa Gerrard, the same vocalist on the ‘Now We Are Free’ track I remixed from the film Gladiator. Also out to Dead Can Dance on some truly amazing music!

~ by acidted on February 5, 2013.

One Response to “Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim (ENiGMA Dubz Mix)”

  1. Hmm… not unlike FSOL sampling DCD’s “Dawn Of The Iconoclast” for “Papua New Guinea.” I had low expectations, but this ain’t bad. Thanks Ted.

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