50/Fifty Coming Down: #3 and #4


Two lovely tracks that, frankly, could appear in either order. First Coldcut and then Global Communication.

#4 Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (Mixmaster Morris)

I don’t particularly associate Coldcut with chillout music. But this cover version  by Coldcut of a 1945 song, with vocals from Janis Alexander, got a none-more-ambient remix from Mixmaster Morris in 1993. This is Balearic as it should be. There were also remixes from Nellee Hooper and Paul Gotel but neither could come close to the beauty provided by Mixmaster Morris. He did a few remixes of the track but the 9 minute Full Chill mix is the one to go for.

Best Bit: how can you not be seduced by the waves on the shore and the tinkling chimes that open the track?

#3 Global Communication – 9.25

Only a slight element of cheating here. Global Communication were Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. Tom and Mark were also Chameleon, Jedi Knights, Link & E621, Reload and Secret Ingredients. Their sound ranged from electro to IDM, dnb and ambient. Global Communication were very much their ambient thing and they produced the one album – 76:14. A true classic, with all track titles their length.

9.25 was issued as a single-sided limited edition 12″. But since I have it, I can include the track. It starts with a load of disconcerting whispering, followed by chimes and then a surprising amount of beats before falling back again.

Side B is etched with circular Morse code writing. The Morse Code on the B-side reads:

“We are therapy for your future, recorded in our past. GLOBAL COMMUNICATION: emotional expression through the medium of sound. Our society is well-practiced in intellect and rationality; we are trying to redress the balance by appealing to people on an emotional level. This does not mean we tie no value to thought; we merely wish to improve the status of emotion and individual and collective emotional experience. Can you rarely hear; see; touch; taste; smell? Aspire to feel; absorb information… use your senses; expand your knowledge.”

Best bit: the last minute and a half as the tune gradually deconstructs itself and treturns to the whispering

~ by acidted on February 13, 2013.

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