AHEE – Xhals


Found sound. sometimes good; sometimes an excuse for self-indulgence. Here’s an album’s worth from Chris Adams from LA who is AHEE (A Human Expressing Experience) and his album Xhals (Exhales).

A game of two halves this. The first half of the album has that distorted dreamscape experience. And it has an engaging warmth, with bits of the sea, the sound of friends. But as it goes on, the album becomes more discordant until it ends with Dentist, which is exactly as you’d expect. An Aphex Twin piece of self-indulgence of whirring drills and suction. Only masochists need apply. Keep the first half, dump the second half.

Blurb: Ahee Xhals is made entirely from records of the life of Christopher Martin Adams. Over 1000 sounds we’re used to create this album. Sounds like a dentist drilling on his teeth. to the sound of an eye blink. To rock pebbles falling through a matrix of differently spaced nails. to florescent light bulbs being shattered. The sound of sprinklers. The sound of eggs cooking in a college dorm room. The sounds of crickets in bushes and the ocean waves crashing in California and Colombia. The sounds of a japanese girl playing an acoustic guitar. The sounds of broken toys, flutes, guitars, harmonicas, cans, buckets, drums. And the many voices of Christopher’s Friends. No electronic synthesizers or drum machines were used in the making of this album. Exhales contains songs made from 2005 to 2011. This release is only available through DOME OF DOOM Records.


~ by acidted on February 23, 2013.

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