Banco de Gaia – Apollo


When I interviewed Toby Marks back in February 2011 I never imagined that it would be two years before the new album he was talking about would get released. But it’s coming in April. Free download.

The new album is going to be called Apollo. Whilst we wait for release, there are three tracks to listen to and one for free download. The three tracks start with For Such A Time. It may the first album from his new studio but this track is still classic Banco de Gaia, with its ethnic ambient approach, flutes and all round dubness. This is a tune for anyone who loved Maya (1994). Next, Apollon. This is another name for Apollo, the Greek god of light and healing. A much more dance floor friendly tune, with some hefty beats and bass. Hu! is a change of direction, to violin-based beats and breaks. Like the maddest Mediterranean wedding you’ve never been to.

An album sampler’s here:

And the free download is Eternal Sunshine (Ozclipse Mix), a version of a track on the album that Toby says was recorded “in celebration of my trip to Australia for the Eclipse 2012 Festival being held in North Queensland.” This is proper club music. Big, big thumping beats. Even some acid.

A fine return to the dance flo0r. Looks like the moving house, new studio and breain work out has worked.

Blurb: Apollo is Banco’s first new studio album in 7 years and brings together heavy dub beats, powerful vocal arrays, and lilting melodies, drawing inspiration from both old and new schools of sonic artistry, and in doing so blending the subtle flavours of the act’s historical sound with modern day techniques and ideas.

Apollo opens with the powerful and evocative Lamentations, featuring the ethereal vocals of Zhenia Mahdi-Nau, before slipping into Wimble Toot, whose initially stuttering drums and bass build into a relentless rhythm, peppered with reggae style horns and saxophone, nicely setting the scene for the foot stomping, dust raising, dancefloor rousing Eternal Sunshine.

For Such A Time is classic Banco in a 21st Century style, with its ambient pads, crisp hi-hat and dubby bassline providing a welcome respite before the tidal wave of energy and emotion that is Apollon: a bouncy blend of acoustic and electronic sounds weaved together by melodic strings and funky bass. Hu! maintains this momentum, with sultry Mediterranean inspired melodies underpinned by global beats and breaks.

All Sleeping, featuring the legendary flautist Tim Wheater, is not just a step down in tempo, but also a step down into another world, a world of dreams, a world of fantasy. Oreia winds us back into consciousness, with sinuous oud, strange counting voices, Balinese chorus and haunting Turkish clarinets. The album ends, as it began, with the engaging voice of Zhenia Mahdi-Nau gracing Acquiescence, providing an affirming coda to the very welcome return of Banco De Gaia.

~ by acidted on February 24, 2013.

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