Spacey Orange – A Brief Journey Through Interstellar Space


I know the space journey is a total cliche for ambient mixes. But it’s a cliche because it works so well. This mix uses some lovely only-just-there ambient stuff from the 90s. And it uses a Banco de Gaia track, which links it to this morning’s BdG new album post. Free download

This is an ambient mix that begins with a NASA sound clip of a launch of a spaceship on the mankind’s fifth mission to the moon. It then progreses into spacey abstract sounds and then builds up toward more spacey and rhythmic music that finally ends with dramatic NASA sound clip of the first human landing on the moon. In short, I’ve aimed to take the listener on a journey. As always, feedback is encouraged.

1. Apollo 16 Launch [NASA, April 16, 1972]
2. Ulf Langheinrich – Degrees of Amnesia [Asphodel, 1998]
3. SETI – Fragment 04 [Instinct, 1996]
4. Chris Meloche – Loop 6 [Fax +49-69/450464, 1994]
5. Omicron – Lluana [Instinct, 1994]
6. Adham Shaikh – Journey To The Sun [Instinct, 1995]
7. Banco de Gaia – Starstation Earth [Mammoth, 1997]
8. Synaesthesia – Umbra [Hypnotic, 1995]
9. Apollo 11 Landing [NASA, July 20, 1969]


~ by acidted on February 24, 2013.

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