Kit Grill – Expressions EP


This is one of those techno records that doesn’t really sit easily anywhere. It’s not the sort of thing to which you could dance frenetically in a night club whilst out of your head on illicit substances. But neither is it quite chin strokey home listening in your big chair with a glass of fine rum. It sits in that slightly awkward dancing in my kitchen hoping the neighbours aren’t watching genre. But we like awkward here. And we like limited edition vinyl even more.

Kit Grill is from London but I know nothing more than it appears to be a single person, rather than a caff order. And he (I assume it’s he) went to art college, which isn’t always a good thing where music’s concerned. It is somewhere between Aphex Twin in his Ambient phase and later Spooky. It all sounds very organic. A bit like the early  minimal of Orson Karte Metamorphosis (1994).

Free downloadable mixtape here

Blurb: Expressions, a 6 track EP Limited to 200, with screenprinted sleeve by Kit Grill is the first release on Primary Colours.

“Expressions is a crystal-clear vision, a techno-inspired, propulsive Ep that takes sharp breath of minimalist ideas from the the likes of Aphex Twin and Terry Riley, honing it into a singular language that is warm, serene and highly evocative. A utopian idea of sound runs through the 6 tracks on this 12″, with synthesized harmonies panning through the listeners mind, like the most beautiful elements of Neu! bolstered by piano interludes and Detroit techno purity. “Expressions” is a garden of electronic Eden where the avant garde meets dance movement.” Rough Trade

Pre Order the vinyl below. Digital release coming soon.
OUT 11th MARCH 2013

~ by acidted on February 26, 2013.

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