Ahead of the release of their new album Exai next week, Autechre have a weekend of radio broadcasts, starting at 8pm UK time. As an example of what to expect, try this broadcast from 2010

As for the Exai album, here’s a preview of its two-hour length, crammed into 10 mins. There’s the usual machine-gone-mental sounds, warped tape melodies and other general weirdness.

Sat 2nd March: 1200 hrs PST, 1500 hrs EST, 2000 hrs UK, 2100 hrs CET, 0500 hrs (3rd March) Tokyo
Sun 3rd March: 1200 hrs PST, 1500 hrs EST, 2000 hrs UK, 2100 hrs CET, 0500 hrs (4th March) Tokyo 
Autechre will be broadcasting a pair of extended radio shows this weekend on ahead of the physical release of new album, ‘Exai’ out March 5. The upcoming broadcasts follow their 2010 ‘Oversteps’ radio show that brought together over 180,000 listeners from 114 different countries.
“The last time I had the sensation that a quorum of people in my virtual circle was tuned into the same frequency was back in 2010 when Autechre took over Resonance FM for a remarkable 12-hour DJ set. I tuned in late, only alerted to it by a tweet — Derek Plaslaiko’s, if I recall correctly. And even then, I only stayed for a couple of hours. But for the time I hung around, the music was so engrossing, the flow so unpredictable, there was nothing to do other than gasp and gawp in 140-character intervals, and vibe off the similarly flabbergasted responses in my feed. I never figured out if they were actually there in the studio, mixing records and three tabs deep, or if the whole thing had been arranged in advance, assembled in Ableton and uploaded via whatever file-sharing service can accommodate a 12-hour MP3. It hardly mattered; that sense of community turned fleeting sound into something else. The ephemerality of the broadcast, accentuated by a delay-chain of RTs, just made real time feel that much more real. “
– Philip Sherburne, SPIN 

With a running time of 2 hours 32 seconds, ‘Exai’ will be available across 2 x CDs (WARPCD234) or 4 x 180g heavyweight vinyl (WARPLP234) from Monday March 5, 2013 with packaging by The Designers Republic™. Orders on Bleep also receive two TDR-designed vinyl stickers, up to and including the end of the second broadcast.
For more information:

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