Trance In Mexico Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix


Since the Justin Robertson Deadstock 33s remix of Dark Horses seemed to go down well the other day, here’s another Deadstock 33s remix – this time, for David Shaw and The Beat. This remix isn’t as dark as the last one. It still has a krauty air but with more Belgian New Beat overtones. The sound of black leather trousers.

Blurb: Born and raised in Manchester, David Shaw is today based in France. His cultural duality has had a profound influence on his music, and allowed him to create an original identity somewhere between techno and indie, he, who never wanted to choose between guitars and machines. As producer, writer/composer and performer, he has distinguished himself on the independent scene through various projects such as his own : Siskid (Initial Cuts, Meant Records), Animal Machine (Meant Records) and collaborations : Blackstrobe with Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe (Beggars Banquet). He has now moved on with his new project, David Shaw and The Beat, and after two singles, “Infected” and “The Jackal”, he will be releasing his debut album “So It Goes” in October on Her Majesty’s Ship.

Label : Her Majesty’s Ship
Distribution : IDOL / LELP
Catalog : HMS006
Release : February 25th (digital only)

~ by acidted on March 2, 2013.

One Response to “Trance In Mexico Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s Remix”

  1. Love the synth bit that comes in at 2:19 and 4:38. Black leather trousers, indeed 🙂

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