Simon Shackleton — Number One (Extended World Coming To An End Dub)


Here’s something seriously cool from Simon Shackleton (aka Elite Force). This is one of those sprawling monsters of a tune. Think My Private Psychadelic Reel or some of Weatherall’s wilder moments. And for you, it’s a free download.

This has all the bass you’d expect from Elite Force but with a scuzzy dub undertow. This is the sound of quaaludes, a fistful of shrooms and a slug of JD. Has samples which come on like early Death in Vegas (think Dirt). It’s Balearic but on a seriously bad trip. Masterful.

Blurb: To celebrate the launch of StereoPhoenix, here’s a whopping FREE download for you … think dirty, sleazy, balearic, epic, heavy, organic 🙂 The full version runs to 10 minutes 30 seconds and can be downloaded HERE as a welcome gift to the Stereophoenix family : Join us on Facebook for good people & great vibes.


Released by: Stereophoenix
Release date: Mar 11, 2013

~ by acidted on March 13, 2013.

One Response to “Simon Shackleton — Number One (Extended World Coming To An End Dub)”

  1. That’s good- trippy good. Love the bass.

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