Radio Nasty – Clave To The Rhythm EP

A six track, digital EP from Radio Nasty (Billy Nasty and Keith Tenniswood), out on 28 March. The follow up to their impressive debut, Breakin Bad (reviewed here).

The eponymous first track is a techno/electro hybrid, the cut-glass beat gathering pace and power while the punchy synth layered on top provides a delightfully funky melody. Keeping it electro, ‘Stevie Wunderbar’ adds a hefty dose of intense, crunchy acid that motors it all along with a certain vehemence. The Radio Nastyremix of the same track elongates the dentist’s drill synth of the original as it writhes around, fattening up the entire sound. Powerful and uncompromising. The more leftfield ‘Devil Fishing,’ is a dark and moody slice of electronica, underpinned by agitated acid/electro beats that steam frantically along, with the acid really taking off in the second half. Lovely stuff. Scape One (Kurt Baggaley) provides a masterful remix of ‘Clave..,’ the deep and rich bass twanging angrily from the outset as synths bounce around on the surface, this is the original track inflated and pumped full of steroids. Also let loose on ‘Clave..,’ Transparent Source (Martin Brown and Orson Bramley) do a grand job too, the electro maintained, punctuated by snatches of acid, some tortured synth and all coated with a variety of bleeps, bloops and screeches. A seriously good EP.

review by D

~ by acidted on March 16, 2013.

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