Blackasteroid – Black Acid Rmx


Here’s something totally uncompromising and acidic for your Saturday morning on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe label.

This is a set of remixes from last Autumn’s Black Acid release by Blackasteroid, which I described as “an uncompromisingly brutal techno EP.” Here are four remixes that remove the beats, add bird song and take you on a delightful ambient trip. Or, perhaps not. Expect more acid.

First, Perc takes on Black Acid. This still menaces like earth moving machinery and just as subtle. If anything this is even more stripped back to a dull thud than the original. Then, Alva Noto takes a turn. This focuses largely on the scrits and hisses between the beats, with drums reduced to a low hum. Len Faki takes on Pressure. Almost a relief to have the track. It’s still pretty heavy stuff by most standards. But after what goes before, it sounds melodic. Music for a dark, dark dance floor. The EP ends with Angel Costa & DJ Emerson’s take on Hydrogen. The lightest of the elements. But you wouldn’t think so from this fizzing, thrumming track. Music for black holes. This EP will drag you in.

Comes in a lovely none-more-minimal sleeve


Blurb: Raw analogue alchemies delivered with all the sleek and polish of its black-on-black casing made Bryan Black’s EDLX debut last year as blackasteroid a truly memorable one, consolidating all of the Motor man’s proven Paisley Park-honed engineering capabilities into a succinct and forward-facing EP. Defined by its gritty textures, fizzy white noise manipulations and a signature mechanical hum throughout, ‘Black Acid’ achieved a uniquely tactile sound quality, reaffirming Bryan Black as a formidable one to watch under his revised blackasteroid guise.

~ by acidted on April 6, 2013.

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