FSOL Forum – Terminal Radio (Transmission Three)


It’s back to work tomorrow. To try and stretch things out, a day of ambient. Three long mixes from Terminal Radio via the Future Sound of London Forum. Each mix is two hours long, will chill your soul and is free to download.

Volume 3 features Nmesh, cubus, Five Minutes Alone, Sven Mayer, Akkya, Noisesurfer, Ross Baker and Loose Link. Expect film samples, chilled beats and your limbs to feel heavy.


01. Transmission Intro


02. Neotropic – Joe Luke (From Small Moves DVD)

NMESH – Psychic Surgery (Part 3)

03. Amorphous Androgynous – Her Tongue Is Like A Jellyfish
04. Sheila Chandra – Speaking In Tongues IV
05. Vidna Obmana – The Rise And Fall Of Romantic Simplicity
06. Nmesh – The Void
07. Loose Link – Electron Mace (Nmesh Deconstructed Edit)
08. Mira Calix – The More You Do The More You Do
09. Heads Of Agreement – Still Movements
10. cLOUDDEAD – Apt. A

cubus – Lovely New Thing (Part 2)

11. Kreng – Meisje In Auto
12. Jónsi & Alex – Boy 1904
13. Unknown (Taken from Autechre autechre.ws 8hr Radio set 2005-04)
14. Jürgen Paape – Ausklang (Burger Voigt Mix)

FIVE MINUTES ALONE – Flight Above Cuckoo’s Nest

15. Five Minutes Alone – Rivers In Bloom
16. Alio Die – Sine Tempore Part II
17. Five Minutes Alone – The Road
18. Five Minutes Alone – It Was December
19. Richard Skelton – Brook
20. Solo Andata – Her Face Soft As Sleep

SVEN MEYER – Terminal Illness

21. Sven Meyer – Piano Child
22. Sven Meyer – Mother Of The Voices
23. Sven Meyer – The Long Goodbye

AKKYA – Advanced Hypersleep Programming Techniques

24. Akkya – Metaphysical A 1 (Transmission Received)
25. NASA – Voyager Recordings – Symphonies of the Planets 1
26. 2001 A Space Odyssey
27. Cloud Atlas – Hear Your Prayer?
28. Lokijar – Other World (Satellite 0)
29. Sleep Chamber – Magis Mantra
30. Akkya – Orange Liquid Orbs (2nd and 3rd Sequences)
31. Off Land – Records

NOISESURFER – RDSI Interferences

32. Noisesurfer – Window To Terminal (Path 1)
33. Noisesurfer – Megarisk Premium Upload
34. Noisesurfer – Glider (Air Cut Mix)
35. Noisesurfer – Window To Terminal (Path 2)
36. Noisesurfer – Rdsi Interferences

ROSS BAKER – Untitled

37. Chris Watson – Crucero La Joya
38. Ross Baker – Ghost of Dreams Past
39. Simple Minds – Shake Off the Ghosts
40. EL Heath – Snailbeach District Railway
41. Pietro Riparbelli – First Day
42. Nicola Roberts – Fish Out of Water
43. Joby Talbot – While There’s Still Time

LOOSE LINK – Memory Clearance

44. Art Of Noise – Crusoe
45. Nmesh – Hoverboard Beach (Part 1)
46. Elliot Goldenthal – Meeting Cocteau
47. The Outerworld – Astral Projections
48. Loose Link – Stopscape
49. Yello – Desert Inn
50. Malty Media – No Sparky
51. Loose Link – My Mind Is Going
52. Dimitri A. – Greenshed
53. Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horsemen
54. Sturmazdale – Pa9 1

55. Transmission Outro

Cover Art by HERD

Blurb: Terminal Radio is a transmission broadcast offshoot of Terminal Window, a music project from FSOLBoard, a community of Future Sound of London fans on the internet. Artists on the board were invited to contribute tracks and collaborations to the album, given nothing but the title Terminal Window. Members who made tracks for the Terminal Window series and general fans of FSOL and ambient music were invited to contribute a 15 minute mix. Eight of these were collected and mixed together into a 2 hour trip. Each volume will feature eight more alternate universes converging into one super quadaural meta-brain.

FSOLBoard: fsolboard.co.uk/
Terminal Window: terminalwindow.bandcamp.com

~ by acidted on April 7, 2013.

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