Attaque – Warble


You want big, fat electro techno? You want a free download. You come to the right place.

Essex boy Attaque is back with a new one, ahead of some forthcoming EPs. Warble does no such thing. It’s a brual electro techno tune with a dub spirit and ragga vocals. Mash up indeed.

Blurb: You may find it extremely hard to believe, but even the internationally renowned, genre-defying hit factory that is Bad Life has felt the need to tighten it’s belt in these times of austerity. The private jets have been grounded, the hookers must provide their own narcotics and that bottle of vintage 1951 Penfolds Grange Hermitage remains in the cellar (to be perfectly honest, we seldom bother ourselves with new world wines here at Bad Life.)   However, the meanest deal as always goes to the poor old oliver twist of techno: Attaque.  Here he is with his stunning new record, yet his Saturday Night Live commercial was scrapped, we couldn’t find Nile Rodgers bus fare and his face was melted down for scrap metal. Fortunately however, he just so turns out to be pretty much one of the best new producers out there, so his music does all the talking.  Here he is with another prime filet for you to cast out to the circling sharks below. Having smashed the boiler room, taken a massive live show on the road and made a fan of many a big name, we would bet on 2013 being his biggest year yet. This track signals the start of a string of EP’s that we reckon are gonna take Attaque to the next level.

~ by acidted on April 11, 2013.

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