the one in which we discover the meaning of diacritic music


I rather like words. Especially English’s capacity for multiple words meaning almost the same thing and the way it absorbs/morphs other cultures and innovation, over time. Today’s word is diacritic. As in ‘diacritic music’. Which is used in the content of this mix by Amon Tobin soundman Jamie Harley.

Diacritic comes from the Greek.


1. Diacritical.
2. Medicine Diagnostic or distinctive.

A mark, such as the cedilla of façade or the acute accent of resumé, added to a letter to indicate a special phonetic value or distinguish words that are otherwise graphically identical.
In this context, I guess it’s meant to mean distinctive. This is one of those soundscapes – full of sounds and spoken word samples about the universe and paranoid 50s B-movies. It’s a pretty evocative piece.

Blurb: many have been asking what was playing before curtain up at the recent ISAM shows. long time friend and collaborator in sound jamie harley was in fact mixing this live from front of house. amon and jamie have toured together for years knocking venue sound systems into shape before shows amongst other things but recently jamie was persuaded to share his impeccable taste in diacritic music to set the tone for the evening. enjoy!

~ by acidted on April 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “the one in which we discover the meaning of diacritic music”

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  2. To quote the immortal Mel Gibson from his award-winning performance in the classic film, “Lethal Weapon 3” – “Semantics? I’m always up for some antics!” On a more serious note, I too appreciate an expanded vocabulary – thanks, Ted.

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