Somatic – Undertone EP


Debut EP from Brighton-based Somatic (Tom Lycett). There’s a mixture of dubstep and drum and bass. The drum and bass tunes are quality and the stronger of the two genres. Two tracks to listen – one a free download – but first, he’s done Ted’s Top Ten quiz.

1) Goldie or Burial? I prefer Burial. Even though D’n’B is where my love for dance music began, as the genre has changed so have my influences. A big fan of Burial’s production skills and atmospheres.
2) Real Instruments or Synthesisers? I like to use both. There are some jobs only real instruments can do but the reverse is true for synths. A good blend of both is best in my opinion. Also, making a synth sound like a real instrument and a real instrument sound like a synth can be a lot of fun.
3) Dance or Indie? Dance all the way. Indie is cool but not really my thing. A great song is always a great song though.
4) Beer or Coffee? I like both. Irish coffee?
5) The Lanes or Seven Dials? The lanes. I used to live at Seven Dials and enjoyed every minute, but the lanes are awesome. There’s a real cool vibe there.
6) Death or Disco? Disco!
7) Brighton Pier or Brighton Pavilion? Brighton Pier in the summer. Gets so busy down there, there’s always something to do!
8) Red sauce or brown sauce? A bit of both…obviously not at the same time though.
9) 808 or 303? A classic 808, like SBTRKT uses in Wildfire. I love the way he processes his drums. It’s a very current sound at the moment.
10) D&B or Dubstep? I couldn’t say. I really like where dance music is going at the moment. I think some interesting developments like glitch-hop could be the next big thing, saying that, Trap seems to be getting rather popular, especially in the U.S. Im still very much into house music as well. How about a mix of all the above?

Two tracks from his new EP to listen – Own Worst Enemy and Breaking. The free track is Own Worst Enemy. This is light, liquid drum and bass. Kinda commercial but with a proper bass kick. Breaking really goes for it with a 175pbm approach. Yet, curiously, is more poppy with its verse/chorus structure – reminds me a bit of Kosheen.

Blurb: Somatic is a Brighton based producer, who creates all forms of current dance music.Over the past few years, Somatic has been acquiring a particular sound with rather varied influences. Recently, he has had a lot of inspiration listening to the likes of Subfocus, Nero, SBTRKT and Seven Lions. His debut release called the ‘Undertone EP’ was released on all major online music stores like Itunes and Amazon from the 7th April 2013.

If you like the music please check it out on Itunes-
Listen on Soundcloud at –
Follow Somatic on Twitter @-

~ by acidted on April 16, 2013.

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