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A very long time ago we had tracks from Aon (or A-on) from a promo CD. Scraping the barrel (aka falling across this accidentally), I find I had a 12″ of theirs with remixes by Sub Sub from 1993.

Aon were a bit New Age-y, as witnessed by this from their CD:

“The sound of A-on is timeless and global, deriving from ancient traditions and touching deep into the soul. The meoldies are intrinsically simple and pure, stemming from tunes which were lost and now with A-on have been found. The lyrics, poetic and uplifting, encompass the universal themes of nature, positivism and life’s mysteries. The vocals, haunting and compelling, flow with ease and reflect the beauty and depth of the words. Discover A-on and unearth a truely ethereal sound.”
Sub Sub (previously here) were the band that would become the rocktastic Doves. As a recap: “Featuring twins Jez Williams and Andy Williams and classmate Jimi Goodwin, Sub Sub’s acid house sound exemplified the trippy music emanating from England’s underground dance clubs. In 1993, Sub Sub’s single “Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)” landed at number three on the U.K. charts. In addition, Sub Sub collaborated with Tricky and New Order frontman Bernard Sumner. In 1995, Sub Sub released Full Fathom Five. But Sub Sub’s future also became hazy that year. While the Williams brothers were celebrating their birthday, an electrical fire consumed Sub Sub’s studio. All of their recordings and equipment vanished in the flames. While Sub Sub was already evolving before the fire, in 1998 they dumped their techno rhythms and became Doves.”
The mix I’ve taken is the Instrumental remix by Sub Sub, as this avoids Annie Burton’s singing, which takes it too much into New Age territory. What is left is a nice mid-paced House tune. I clearly thought little of it at the time, hence it was lost for over 15 years, but rediscovering it shows that it has stood the passage of time. Nothing earthshatteringly brilliant here but a good tune nonetheless. For an alternative view, a reviewer at Discogs says “The “Sub Sub Full On Breakfast Instrumental” played at 45rpms rather than 33rpms (as indicated on the label) is a classic West Coast breakbeat track in the Hardkiss style. That version was hammered by DJ Dan in his live sets in the early and mid 1990′s and is featured on one of his cassette mixes from the time (“San Francisco Project 3 – Take A Fix To The Funk”). This is a 12″ that is definitely worth owning.”

Aon – Be Yourself (Sub Sub Full On Breakfast Instrumental)


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