kORBian – midnight driver


We’ve had a few tracks before from kORBian (Ian Hobbs) from Chelmsford, UK. Here’s an edit of a track he’s got coming out next month on VSR. His other stuff has mainly been deep house. This time, it’s much more tech house, with only a little deep house warmth coming through on the synths. Good but not great.

Blurb: a promo edit of my next release with [VSR] Records, due out 06/05/13 via Beatport (iTunes + Amazon release to follow)…. the full 9:18 12″ mix will be featured on a phenomenal collection of deep + tech house cuts entitled: ‘We Are [VSR]: Volume 1’ – a showcase of independent talent from the [VSR] label, with a dark theme running throughout….check out the previews for all 21 tracks here: soundcloud.com/vsrrecords/sets/vsavar6-we-are-vsr-volume-1/ all support is genuinely appreciated, both from myself and the [VSR] family…. please support independent dance music: keep it underground!


~ by acidted on April 22, 2013.

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  1. […] know we had a track from kORBian only a few days ago but here’s a new Chicago house remix for free […]

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