Hauswerks & Seve – 20 Dollar Boots


Some chunky house music, out on 6 May on Smiley Fingers. Go for the Tapesh remix.

The original track has the title sample and some chugging percussion. Fine enough. It’s the subsequent remix by Tapesh which lets the track really take off. The addition of the house piano really makes this fly and me want to dance. Gives a really old skool slinky quality to the track. The final offering – Chicken Jalfrezi – gets back to a drum-based groove.

Blurb: Hauswerks and Seve are back on Smiley Fingers with a new release titled “20 Dollars Boots”. This release contains three tracks, the first is the title track, with shattering percussions and its characteristic speech. Follows a tasty remix by Snatch!, Defected artist Tapesh, where a warm and sexy piano riff will help you find the right mood. “Chicken Jalfrezi” close the ep with weighty drums and ethnic-flavored vocals. This is surely not one to be missed.

~ by acidted on April 27, 2013.

One Response to “Hauswerks & Seve – 20 Dollar Boots”

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