Le Twan – 1972 Ultimate Lunar Voyage DJ Mix


Yup. Another mixtape based on space. But it’s a good one. Lots of cosmic French house. Free download.

Originally from Switzerland, Le Twan (Antoine Gautier) is a man obsessed with space and synths. Even his recent EP was called Lunar Bliss.  But this focus gives his mixtape a coherence and structure that sets it apart from many. Really nice for losing yourself on a sunny afternoon.

Blurb: The Apollo 17 final lunar mission revisited by Le Twan, passing by the nu-disco and indie-dance planets. Le Twan launches to the stars with the dramatic riff of his Survivors ACK – few notes, perfectly combined, simply stuck in your brain. Avoiding the black hole of DJ Dlg’s “Fin”, he rolls with ”Autotron” to Douze’s french electrofunk. Le Twan follows with two tracks from his Lunar Bliss EP; a cover of George Martin’s epic “Theme one” and the reinterpreted “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, a dark electro version of the song that pushed Culture Club into orbit. The trip continues with Surrender!’s charismatic “Volute” taking you to the brilliance of the arpeggiated dance floor drilled by a dark and moody funk to a real yearning desire when Oliver are given a chance to make their catchy “Dirty Talk”. In his turn, Le Twan flirts with his playful “Lunar Bliss” that will linger in your mind as you smile. This retro futuristic journey ends with the enigmatic “Contrivance” by french cinematic electro producer, Thomas Barrandon. Close to an hour, the mix also features Le Twan’s remixes of Boys Noize, Lindstrom, tracks by Tubbs and Crockett, Peter & The Magician and Punks Jump Up.

~ by acidted on April 27, 2013.

One Response to “Le Twan – 1972 Ultimate Lunar Voyage DJ Mix”

  1. […] than his rather good 1972 Ultimate Lunar Voyage DJ Mix which we had as a free download back here. Moon Dust is quite a hefty number for low gravity, with a synth funk bass twist to the beats […]

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