Ezequiel Sanchez – Destination (Jun Akimoto & Ittetsu Remix)


New release out today on Flumo Recordings from Ezequiel Sanchez. Much of it is a bit ooh baby bass house. But this remix from Jun Akimoto and Ittetsu is a different kettle of tech house. Quality, moody stuff with rolling beats and bass.

Whole set here

Blurb: EXCLUSIVE RELEASE DATE ON BEATPORT: 29/05/2013 Aiming to achieve high quality standards and an attractive vision of the plans for the horizons of house music is becoming a powerful and exquisite reality when approaching Flumo Recordings releases. Ezequiel Sánchez, who already remixed for the label, now gets all the attention with its Destination EP, issue number 42 in our saga. Destination shows its state of grace in a piece which a dense beat and extraordinary vocals and arrangements. ‘Haute couture’ to praise deep music with an inusual tension bouncing amidst a dry humidity and a chilling warmth. Ezequiel Sánchez comes along with great Dixie Yure in the vocals signing ‘Come with me’, with an impres- sive result. Synthetic, elegantly cheeky house announcing a hot, hot summer. The EP becomes both visceral and sophisticated with Chembass hypnotic re-interpretation, the tandem formed by Jun Akimoto & Ittetsu rough and crunchy dub and yummy, psychedelic bass house by Werner Niedermeier.


~ by acidted on April 29, 2013.

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