I’m drowning in an ocean of calamine lotion


I remember having my mother smother us in calamine lotion as a remedy for sunburn. We’d try and run away as she was never too gentle. And then you’d look a bit weird when it dried all white on you. Do people use it today?

Anyhow, here’s something for the summer sun from Victor Berghmeister, who appeared here last summer with some gentle deep house. Ready for the new season, here’s his Rosamango EP. The title track is gentle deep house but with some cosmic woven in. Voodon’t adds a splash of dub influences and some of that croaky vocal that Barry Adamson likes to employ. Works surprisingly well. Deep Disc is classic beach bar music. Would be ok but the vocal is a bit much and tips it over the edge of acceptable. The EP closes with a remix of Deep Disc. by Lesale that reduces the vocal and brings the tune back to being a bit of late night piano-driven deep house. Luvverly.

Out 12″ on Nonlocal 2013-04-23. Digital release will follow.

~ by acidted on April 29, 2013.

4 Responses to “I’m drowning in an ocean of calamine lotion”

  1. Well done. was thinking about posting this myself

  2. Calamine Lotion? Yep, we use it a lot in Missouri. It’s fantastic for Poison Ivy, Sumack, Poison Oak, and tick bites… Thanks for the blog!

  3. Never heard of calamite lotion before today. But then again, being of a dark complexion, I never get sunburn.
    Great tracks, by the way.

  4. Erm.. Calamine..

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