Chameo – Visions (Original Mix)


Wow. Has it really been nine months since we last had any Chameo? He’s back with a new prog house for free download.

Chameo is a young producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He first appeared here with the fabulously bouncy Hey! which was one of my tunes of 2012. Now, he’s finally back with Visions. He says “It’s a more low key and throwback sort of kind of track, to some of the earlier years before EDM exploded.” That means a throwback to ten years ago, rather than back to when house started. And, it’s low key only in a relative sense to the mindless electro house drops that currently dominate. It’s still, to all intents and purposes, a big room tune, with clean synths and bass that make you want to wave your hands in the air. Above all, it has Chameo’s characteristic bounciness. One to get your week going.


~ by acidted on April 30, 2013.

One Response to “Chameo – Visions (Original Mix)”

  1. […] floors past into something modern that works well in a dark club or a well-lit living room. As Acid Ted rightly points out, “Visions” is a big room tune that features Chameo’s […]

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