Mono Life – Disco In Paris

discoinparisIt’s always interesting to hear how a track develops from original ideas to finished product. Few artists really give you works in progress. Mono Life is one that does.

Mono Life produced the Mono Sound, about which I raved in February. Here’s a new track in its live and final mastered version. The final mastered version is a groovy bit of French House. Pretty timely, given the return of Daft Punk. This has a sort of Discovery-era Daft Punk feel without ever impinging on pastiche.


The live version first. This has lovely chunky drums and a hook provided either by flashes of funk guitar or an acid synth line. This is one of those that would go down a storm in a club. It’s brilliantly made for dancing. Even I could dance to it. The mastered version is cleaner. It has a clearer French electronic house feel. The hook is pitched between the funk guitar and the acid synth and is slightly lost in the mix. The drums have been thinned down, to allow the vocal to be more prominent. All of that has somewhat lost the oomph of the live version, replaced with a good but ever-so-slightly polite track.

Disco in Paris (Live at ML HQ)

Disco In Paris (mastered)

Blurb: Mono Life is the alias of Yorkshire based musician/producer & DJ Mark Osborne. Taking inspiration from Orbital, Leftfield and DJ Shadow, to name but a few, Osborne has utilized a canorous euphony of vintage synths, breaks and dark and dirty beats to provide a seismic symphony for a funked up future – your future. Mono Life nods its skull in the direction of its hip-hop, dance and electronica roots and fuses them together with a big thunderous pulse. The debut album from Mono Life is currently underway and is all set to provide you with the soundtrack for a time in your life that you never want to end.

~ by acidted on May 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “Mono Life – Disco In Paris”

  1. […] on from the French house sound of Disco In Paris, The Music has more of that Discovery-era Daft Punk soundingness but still retaining its own sense […]

  2. […] is Disco In Paris which we had back here. The version here owes most towards the original track, with its French electronic disco sounds. […]

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