My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Christian Strobe Remix)


Let’s be honest, Weatherall did the definitive remix of this track. I wouldn’t bother but you don’t turn down a Dunproofin recommendation lightly. Free download.

What do you know but that this is an excellent remix from Germany’s Christian Strobe. A lot more epic and massively big room than the Weatherall version. It shows how good the original was to withstand this level of remixing. This is aimed squarely at peak time punch-the-air moments at the indie disco. It’s been out a while but go get the free download.


Here’s the Weatherall remix, if you needed reminding (and you really shouldn’t)

Don’t be loveless:

Christian says: “My Bloody Valentine and their album “loveless” were absolutely lifechanging for me (beside Slowdive). They created so massive soundwalls with guitars and lots of effect pedals, so f*ucking amazing. To be honest…yes i’m a f*cking shoegazer. Damn Techno. Haha. Recommendation for the dancefloor: Raise your clenched fist at 04:32 !!!!!!”

~ by acidted on May 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Christian Strobe Remix)”

  1. Yeah, that remix could have been a bloody mess, but Strobe pulled it off. Too bad you need a Facebook account for the free download. Thanks Ted.

  2. That’s not too bad. Cheers Ctel

  3. Well done remix – I like it, Thank yo Ctel

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