Quinoline Yellow – Palisade Mount EP

Quinoline Yellow

A generous six tracks grace this new electronica release from Luke Williams under his Quinoline Yellow moniker.

This electronica fest opens with the pleasantly hypnotic Dinas Hide, its jaunty beat tempered by some quirky synth work and the overall echoing quality of the sound, producing a well crafted juxtaposition of cheery and forbidding. The spaced out feeling continues with Lags Domotags, the easy beats layered with more eclectic synth patterns producing an oddly upbeat composition. In stark contrast, The Recital of Dolwen Fields begins sedately enough before erupting into an explosion of frantic jungly beats, the hysteria above supported by the melodic synth beneath. A hint of funk permeates Congregation, the stop-start beats and synths scattering in several directions simultaneously giving a disjointed but still rhythmic feel. Something of a factory production line characterises the conventional beat of T6AX, squelching synths adding to the automata vibe, a snatch or two of voice samples augmenting the already random nature of the piece. Final track, Argon of August, is a gentle, ambientish tune, bleeping and blooping over a low-key humming, the tip-tap of beats and keyboards skittering around playfully before drawing to a close.

All in all, an eccentric and pleasant experience.

Since these are only clips, have a rather fine 55min podcast for free download

Review by D

Quinoline Yellow – Palisade Mount EP – Touchin’ Bass – TB041.
Formats: 12″ Vinyl and Digital.
Released: 20/05/13.

~ by acidted on May 2, 2013.

One Response to “Quinoline Yellow – Palisade Mount EP”

  1. Well wicked taster! A defo purchase this one. Nice to have Qy back!

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