Persona1600 – The Mechanical Mind EP


Dance music isn’t often terribly thoughtful and much that wants to be thoughtful is simply portentious. Here’s something from Northampton that goes for thoughtful and hits the target. Hardly what you’d expect from Northampton. Music aimed very much at contemplation and mulling the meaning of life.

The key to this EP is the first track – Attention Trap. This has a great vocal sample (with one of those rich North American voices) which really grabs the attention. It is set against some bassy, but slightly melancholic, electronics. Quite early Warp in style and very good. Persona1600 says “The sample is Marshall McLuhan who I became interested in a little while back. He also wrote a book called ‘The Mechanical Bride’ which sort-of nods to him in title of my EP too.”

Dissociation has a dreamy throbbing style. You heart beating in time with your out of body experience. Ghosts of Ecstasy are not ecstatic, rather the fading remnants of the night before’s rave and chemicals. Little stabs of rave house comes and go amidst the washes of comedown. Inner Beauty returns to that early Warp style, underpinned by a gently buzzing bass. Very atmospheric.

If you liked that, here’s an earlier EP for free download:

Blurb: My follow-up EP to November 2012’s “Back From Nowhere EP.” I continue to explore more ambient and atmospheric sounds but this time introduce a few old skool elements with Roland TR-808 kits and some Korg M1 synth action alongside my usual production style. These are the un-mastered versions for preview.

Artwork by Andy Upton:
Mastering by SafeandSound:

~ by acidted on May 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “Persona1600 – The Mechanical Mind EP”

  1. I like this. Northampton eh? Who knew?

  2. Glad you like it baggingarea. I like how my location is raising some eyebrows.

    Really enjoyed reading this review, thanks for the support.

  3. […] is also from Northampton, appeared here with the fantastic Attention Trap. I said of it “This has a great vocal sample (with one of […]

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