Le Twan – Moon Dust EP


Space obsessed Le Twan is back with another off world synth EP.

Just out on Beatport, the EP has more synth funk heaviness than his rather good 1972 Ultimate Lunar Voyage DJ Mix which we had as a free download back here. Moon Dust is quite a hefty number for low gravity, with a synth funk bass twist to the beats making this more of a dance floor number. Zenita keeps that synth bass funk feeling but lighten things up a bit. Kolobok’s 70s disco feeling verges on the pastiche. Kirisame also has that moroder synth disco style but manages to feel fresh, with its chewy bass and uplifting synths. Best thing here. The EP ends with Wigs and Kippahs,  a cute little idea that could have been developed further. Kirisame is the focus of this EP, and the one to buy.

Blurb: Put on your astronaut outfit and take off into the Moon Dust! Le Twan’s third Ep is a weightless ballad on the planets Nu-Disco, Indie-Dance and Electrofunk. This musical space trip focuses on chilled-out vibes while revealing Le Twan’s background as a drummer. His combinations of fine beats are illuminated by percussive shooting-stars. The second track propels you to the Zenith. A horizon of cosmic melodies contrasts with hard drums games. Followed by playful « Kolobok », a fantasy track made of a rough electro bass tempo and funky tones on which jovial melodies softly dance. Then, a refreshing little rain is coming along with disco beats merging with soaring synthesizer soundscapes to transport you to the cloud of « Kirisame ». An exotic touch follows in an urban walk of xylophone notes and synthesized tunes to make hats and hairs twirl around on the affirmed beats of « Wigs and Kippahs ». Moon Dust, a chill-out Ep to fly with your body and mind through Le Twan’s planets of sound.

~ by acidted on May 18, 2013.

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