Platypi – Something Tangible EP


On the basis that Sundays are for something different, here’s Platypi on Brighton’s Numerology Records. This is like that warped downtempo hip hop of Mr Scruff.

Three tracks for you. Lassitude is glitched downtempo hip hop with a bit of added chip bloops. Slightly disposable. Red Baloons (sic) takes a similar path but in a more lazy rounded out way that feels more complete in its head-nodding charm. Tswing takes lounge music, including tinkling piano, and twists it into new shapes. Interesting.

Grab it from itunes here:…ngle/id648903071

Or get a bundle containing the EP and a Numerology t-shirt here:

Blurb: Platypi is electronic hip hop producer Ali Hill, inspired by the likes of Flume, Onra, Flying Lotus, Bonobo and Lemon Jelly and delivers smooth beats with a warped chillout feel. 

With an international background Ali has been a member of Almighty Planets for 2 years and has been working on “Something Tangible” as a side project to his busy band life. This EP will be his debut release. 

~ by acidted on May 26, 2013.

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