Par – El Futuro


I’m not sure this LP can properly be described as the future. But it is an interesting solo listening experience from Uruguay’s Par. More soundtrack than dance floor attack, the tracks encompass the melodic soundscapes of opener Las Reglas, through the caffeinated edginess of Replicas, to the almost-not-thereness of the hissing title track.

Blurb: Acclaimed New York techno label Biatch Corp turns to the emerging Montevideo artist Par for one of the most ambitious electronic music full lengths in years. El Futuro could be described as an exciting combination of genre-blurring music, cutting edge sound design, and South American dance music sophistication. But in reality the record is hard much to pigeonhole with easy labels and trite definition. On the first pass, the album is nebulous and ephemeral touching on the distant, the emotional, and the hear-and-now without ever revealing its inspirations or influences like a Dada vision hiding in an opaque cloud of dense mystery. Repeat listenings reveal subtle layers with intense shades of gray nuance coloring the smallest of details like a cultured piece of fine art. Tracks like “Replicas”, “Mind the Gap”, and the title track are soundtrack quality, some of the highest flying electronic music produced in the past half-decade while others such as “Las Reglas”, “Luz” and “Limite” are moody experiments in sound. There are even light pop touches found specifically on “Our World” but creeping into many of the melodies and progressions on El Futuro making it even more difficult to fully describe – the hallmark of quality music.

~ by acidted on May 28, 2013.

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