Leav – Bask Remixes EP


April saw Sweden’s Leav (Jonas Isaksson) release Bask. Now an EP of summer house remixes.

Of the original track I said “Bask is a sprightly thing that gambols around like a new tech house lamb“. J Op and J Herbert provide a deep house remix that has the washing of the waves in the background and takes the tune to a summer beach house place. There’s nothing jarring or awkward in this slightly sleepy mix. Kapstaden gives us a slightly jazz techno mix. Oddly satisfying, with its ersatz trumpet line. Trust Orchestra goes for a tech carnival sound that doesn’t quite work. The EP closes with a VIP mix from Leav that takes the tune back to the dance floor by funking up the original in a Brazilian style. Best thing here.

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Blurb: Some tracks just need a quick follow up – after the beautiful and massive response on the Leav summer smasher Bask, it feels so right to provide these remixes. Dreamy might be the word that link all tracks together. The EP kicks off with a wonderful piece of deep house from Malmös Jontan Opasiak and Johannes Herbert, their remix is a juicy fat piece of outdoor sunday afternoon house, while Andreas Norberg, a.k.a Kapstaden, gives us a floating remix, sunshine barbecue-techno. The Trust Orchestra-version pitches the lead and makes it a stomping tech house-production and Jonas Isaksson himself finishes off this release with a pumping VIP-mix of the original, carnevalesque!

~ by acidted on May 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “Leav – Bask Remixes EP”

  1. Hi, you have some contact mail for send ur promos ?

  2. […] to Kapstaden. This is Andreas Norberg. He’s appeared on Acid Ted in a remix for Leav (here) last year. But this is his first time on 12-3 Recordings in his own right. This is a confident […]

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