Slighter Summer


Slighter’s having a clear-out. For you that means a free download of a Sasha remix he did a year or so back; a reminder that his remix LPs are going to be discontinued shortly; and some T-shirts to buy. Not a bad haul for you.

The free remix is here. All the way back in 2011, I saidThe original of Cut Me Down is a trancey, swooshy affair which gains a harder edge as it goes along – apparently specially commissioned from Sasha for IMS 2011 – but which has a vocal which sounds disconcertingly like Sting. Slighter’s remix plays up the breaks feel by giving a breaks bass throb but never cutting loose with breaks abandon, to retain a chilled dub atmosphere.”

If you haven’t already got it, might I also suggest you go for this Slighter Dub Mix of the same track, which I said was a “throbbing atmospheric dub“.

Brand NEW Slighter T-Shirts Are Now Available! Both men’s and women’s sizes featuring a clean, vertical logo in various colors! These are available for a limited time at only $15 bucks! Grab one today and wear it proud!
The two Slighter remix albums, “Adustments” Vol 1 and 2 are
set to be discountinued on June 10th. Once they are gone, they’re gone!

Make sure and grab your copy today, featuring remixes of: Tricky – Nine Inch Nails – Gravity Kills – Atari Teenage Riot – Kosheen, UNKLE – Battle Tapes – Celldweller – Daft Punk & More!  

~ by acidted on May 31, 2013.

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