Young Tuesday (Yaz Cover)


The post title is as the track says. However, I’m assuming they mean Yazoo (Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke), not Yaz [edit: apparently they were called Yaz in the USA – see DJ Shelf comment]. And the tune was originally called Tuesday, not Young Tuesday (a play on young aundee). A terribly depressing song. But quite a good synth pop cover. Free download.

This is a rendition of a song from 1982 by the duo Yaz. (Vince Clarke, Alison Moyet)

Dusty Brown : Beat Production / Moog
Young Aundee : Synths / Main Vocals
Jessica Brown : Backing Vocals

Here’s Yazoo doing the original live, from 1982

Woman of thirty seeing the sun
Packed up her suitcase started to run
Looking for someone looking for none
Pack up and drive away

It was her birthday Tuesday morning
Realization gradually dawning
A man in a gray suit whispered ‘I’m calling’
Pack up and drive away

Woman of thirty, husband and kids chained like a dog she had to rid
No point in coping off came the lid
Pack up and drive away

Three thousand miles of honesty dreaming
Perfect imagery is a gleaming
No more shattered clouds were deeming
Pack up and drive away

In her heart it wasn’t easy
Mumbled words and feeling dizzy
Reasons fight against excuses driving slower she was losing
Dream was stirring only dozing
Eyelids awaken to the daydream
Just an illusion broken sunshine
Woman of thirty there’s no choice
I can’t help our helpless voice

~ by acidted on May 31, 2013.

2 Responses to “Young Tuesday (Yaz Cover)”

  1. Yazoo have always been called Yaz in the US, to avoid conflict with some obscure jazz label, I believe. I imagine new problems were created when Yazz (Yasmin Evans) debuted in 1988, although I don’t believe she was very successful stateside.

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