IULY.B – Rawhit EP


Romania. Beloved of the Daily Mail, especially its ongoing story about Romanians living at Park Lane. Let’s have a different Romania story. How about some house and minimal techno?

Rawhit is pretty raw in its sound and does hit home. Frequp is a minimal-sounding techno track focused firmly on the beats. Rawhit is much the same but with a welcome added funkiness. Frecvent is a dark techno track. Linie is the only disappointment, being a slightly generic tech house number. Quality stuff.

Blurb: The house sound of Romania rocks worldwide dancefloor for years and it seems that more and more highly talented newcomers are emerging from this country. Amir & Butch discovered the 20 year old Iuly.B only recently and were so surprised by his sound design that they promised not only a proper EP release on their label bouq. but also a great Butch edit of his ‘Frecvent’. Hypnotic, dark and twisted are expressions which come to mind immediately.






~ by acidted on June 4, 2013.

One Response to “IULY.B – Rawhit EP”

  1. This sounds really good. I actually liked Linie a lot!

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