Night Bus


The Night Bus. It’s possible to romanticise them. But they always make me nervous. Too many unpredictable people. Too much alcohol. Some edgy punk funk is my soundtrack. But Chris Coco’s clearly had better experiences than me, as his soundtrack is woozy ambient tunes. Here’s a lovely example from Amane.

And if that hits your spot, some more

Blurb: Night Bus. What is Night Bus? First, the simple answer – it’s an electronic music soundtrack that works rather well on that long, late night journey on the night bus. It’s atmospheric, ethereal, ambient, modern music with just enough drive to get you home. It’s music to help you stare out of the window and notice the little details that make the ride kind of special. It’s music to take you there and help you feel like you are somewhere else. Then, the more complicated one – Night Bus is a collection of music made by a new generation of London based producers who work around the disadvantages of the current economic climate, resorting to computer programs and MIDI keyboards to create their musical exodus; who have grown up in the metropolis plugged into music on their mobiles, listening to dubstep and hip hop and auto tune pop and the sound of the city itself; who have filtered all this through their software to nurture and create a new sound, a new feeling, a new C21 ambient that, sometimes unconsciously, draws on the spirit of the classic artists  to create a new style. Everyone from Erick Satie to Brian Eno to Tangerine Dream to Burial is hidden in there somewhere. Night Bus is steeped in history but it has a sound that is all its own, and now it’s becoming a genre in its own right. 

Night Bus is a compilation put together in collaboration by recording artist Jamie Isaac, film maker Wesley Stokes Mellor and MelodicaRecordings label boss Chris Coco.

~ by acidted on June 4, 2013.

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