Satin Jackets – ‘Come On’


Here’s something a bit Balearic / Nu Disco out this week which got slightly lost in my in-box. The name Satin Jackets I find slightly off-putting and naff, in a way that I’m hard pressed to explain. But the music’s just fine, so let’s move on. Two tracks for you.

This is one of those where the remix outdoes the original. Electric Zeus does the remix honours. The remix has an echoing piano line that interplays with a synth line to give a Moroder nu disco anthem. The thing is that the beats are less prominent than in the original track. This is a good thing as the original tries to hard to go for a mid-80s disco feeling. Like a Madonna B side at times.

Blurb: It is with great pleasure from us here at Melodica that we can bring to you the downtempo trio that are Satin Jackets! Created in 2009 as a studio project, the idea of the group was to contribute classy studio productions to the emerging Nu Disco scene in tribute to the style of great 80s veterans like Trevor Horn, Giorgio Moroder, and Reggie Lucas as well as John “Jellybean” Benitez and they have hit the spot rather well. With their debut success back in 2010 with their Liberations EP up to the present day with their latest single ‘You Make Me Feel Good’ we couldn’t be happier to have them put out a single with us. The trio have delivered ‘Come On’ – An absolutely cracking, light hearted Disco-meets-Deep House track. Steady beats entice the flow of movement into your body as the bouncy keys compliment the atmosphere and give you that flashback of old school dance music. Perky guitar riffs and short but predominant vocal snips are weaved in and out of the mix and compliment each other masterfully. On the remix we have a friend of Melodica – Electric Zeus! For those who are unaware, he heils from Australia and has produced for and worked alongside Melodica, Chris Coco and Max Essa. Electric Zues has added his own personal touches to the remix and come out with something really special. Going on a sunset approach he has steered away from the four to the floor flow and gone for a more upbeat but completely blissed out twist, elegant pads cruise around the mix with subtle vocal stabs draped over the top, the gentle progression encapsulates that journey into the sunset whilst sat on the beach with a glow beaming down on you. This is a single you can be sure to hear over the summer months.

~ by acidted on June 4, 2013.

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